The company MOTOCAR is an official dealer of such companies as AVTOVAZ, FENOX, NACHALO, BRT, LTD, SAPZ.

From the beginning of our activity, we have been selling parts for all LADA models, with paying special attention to the LADA NIVA 4×4.

The accession of our country to the European Union allowed us to extend the area of activity to all European countries, and then to Africa and South America.

We are Europe’s largest wholesaler selling subassemblies for vehicles of Russian origin.

We work directly with the most important Russian car parts manufacturers.

We offer a full range of tires for off-road vehicles and steel rims.

We offer very attractive prices of original parts, and we also give an alternative in the form of high quality replacements from other manufacturers.

We deliver the goods purchased from us to our clients by own transport as well as through delivery companies.

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